Abe’s Arboretum Adventure Series – March 22, 2021

Abe’s Arboretum Adventure – 3.22.2021

TEMPERATURE: 47 degrees

WIND: 8 mph, from the South

BIRD SPECIES: 27 (eBird Checklist)

This is the first post in Abe’s Arboretum Adventure series. Our Community Project Director, Abe Lenoch, will be visiting the Gardner Marsh at the UW Arboretum in Madison each week to see how the landscape changes throughout the spring.

We’re highlighting the marsh to promote the importance of urban nature and green infrastructure for good water quality and the importance of protecting natural resources wherever we can to help shape healthy communities and healthy land. And most importantly, we’re promoting the big impact smart growth comprehensive plans have in protecting places like this across the state.

Join us to see how this green space changes over the course of spring!

See you next week,


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