Action Alert – Help Stop Smart Growth Repeal

Keep Local Control over Planning! 

Help us stop Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning repeal now!

OPPOSE AB 371 and SB 266.

Please contact your legislators and tell them you support Wisconsin’s Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning law that guarantees local planning will be locally driven.

Tell them:

  • Wisconsin Smart Growth Law requires local resident participation in developing comprehensive plans.
  • Wisconsin Smart Growth Law assures that any change to local plans must first have a local hearing so that residents have a say in any changes.
  • Wisconsin Smart Growth Law helps communities by allowing all facets of planning to be conducted at once.
  • Smart Growth has been the law in Wisconsin for 15 years – and it works!
  • Without Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning, unplanned development could harm property values.

Contact your legislators today!

Click here to find your legislators and their contact information.

Example of a plan created under the Smart Growth Law.