Action Alert – oppose bill removing virtually all local control over Frac sand mining

Call your legislator today and ask him/her to oppose Senate Bill 349 – the Local Control Pre-emption Bill to Allow Frac Mining.  Contact Your Legislator Today!

This legislation would REMOVE VIRTUALLY ALL LOCAL CONTROL over frac sand mining. See the details below and the full bill here.

Tell them that local government should be able to protect their own citizens and their environment.

frac_sand_mining_thumbThis bill will:

• Prohibit a local zoning ordinance from restricting an existing mine from continuing or expanding on contiguous land.

• Repeal county authority to set water quality or air pollution standards for rock and sand mining and blasting.

• Limit liability for companies whose trucks damage roads, and prevent local governments from forcing mining companies to pay to improve roads it wants to use to haul sand. But officials could require mining companies to guarantee that they would repair damage.

• Roll back counties’ ability to enforce ordinances aimed at repairing land damaged by a mine that require air or water quality monitoring or that require other permits.

• End most regulation of blasting from local governments and place it in the hands of the state Department of Safety and Professional Services.

• Prohibit local ordinances — including zoning laws — from regulating the borrowing or disposal of soil used in state highway projects.


PLEASE CALL YOUR OWN LEGISLATORS AND ASK THEM to VOTE NO ON THE BILLS LISTED ABOVE.  Find out who your legislator is and how to contact them.