Adaptive Re-Use of Public Land

Downtown Neenah

Imagine a place that has transformed from one of a massive outdated industrial complex that completely concealed the waterfront on which it rested to that of a mixed use area with beautiful buildings that pull features from the nearby historic structures and uses reflective of today’s economy while fully integrating public greenspace and unveiling access to the waterfront.  That is what the redevelopment of Glatfelter site has done in the city of Neenah.

n a way, it is an extension of the historic downtown which has not forgotten its beginnings as evidenced by the architectural style and materials of the new buildings and the tribute to the history of the site at Legacy Park.

People use the space on a daily basis as it is the location of major employers, public greeenspace, soon to open health services and future retail space.

This redevelopment is a testimony to the resilience of cities, their importance in the new century and an example of how focusing on developing a space of place in an urban environment can bring new life to urban areas.