Tips for New Bikers Press Release

Press Release: Avoid High Gas Prices – Tips for New Bike Riders

Active Wisconsin, a program of 1000 Friends of WI, published a press release this week promoting alternatives to driving as way to reduce the hurt caused by high gas prices. March 22, 2022 – For Immediate Release Madison – Prices at the gas pump are high, but traveling by bike for short trips might provide […]

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Advocacy Update: Letter to Governor and WisDOT Secretary – Infrastructure Projects

Advocacy Update: On March 3rd, 1000 Friends and 29 other organizations submitted a letter asking that WisDOT prioritize discretionary infrastructure funding to projects that promote equity and sustainability. These goals are laid out in a new US DOT memorandum, which we would like WisDOT to use when deciding which projects to fund. To achieve the administration’s […]

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A chart showing climate emissions in America. Transportation remains the top contributor, a spot it took over in 2016.

2021 in Review: Transportation Emissions Remain a Top Priority

A few weeks ago, the New York Times reported that greenhouse gas emissions rose 6% in 2021. Despite the social and economic upheaval of the past few years due to a global pandemic, it’s important to remember that climate change remains an ever-present threat. As this reporting showed, transportation is still the leading contributor of […]

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A band-aid on a crack in the road.

Infrastructure Bill – Recap for Wisconsin

On November 15th, President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. With all the back-and-forth, it was easy to lose track of what programs made the final cut and how they will impact Wisconsin. To add to the confusion, the federal government reauthorized the regular 5-year transportation budget at the same time. So the infrastructure […]

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Forward Thinking – Wisconsin Climate Change Bills

#5 – Wisconsin Lawmakers – State Climate Change Bills This week, a group of legislators released 22 bills to reduce the effects of climate change and make Wisconsin more sustainable. These bills were spearheaded by representatives across the state including Representative Greta Neubauer, D-Racine, who said “We have no time to waste if we want […]

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