Balanced Transportation System

Across Wisconsin, exciting developments are moving the state closer to a truly balanced transportation system that meets the needs of all its citizens.  Wisconsin already has outstanding public transportation systems in many of its cities and promising progress is underway on innovative new projects as well.

Regional Transit Authorities

Currently, communities rely on fares, property taxes and shrinking state and federal transit aids to fund transit systems.  The declining base of revenues has hurt transit so that communities have had to increase fares and cut routes as demand for transit grows.

A segregated and dedicated source of revenue is needed for communities to grow transit system that meets residents’ needs and allows the economy of a community to prosper.  A Regional Transit Authority with the ability to generate revenues through a sales tax increase can provide the funds needed for a healthy transit system.  Only a limited number of communities in the state currently have the legal power to create RTAs.  1000 Friends advocates for broader authority to allow all communities in Wisconsin the ability to create RTAs.

Projects Around the State – information on modern transit, passenger rail, and other innovative projects around the state

Southeastern Wisconsin Projects

These projects in SE Wisconsin will provide more choices for how to move around the region:

  • KRM Commuter Rail
  • Milwaukee Streetcars

Dane County Projects

These Dane County projects and programs are providing residents with more transportation options:

  • Transport 2020
  • Community Car

Statewide Projects

These state-level projects will

  • 2010 High Speed Amtrak Service (Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison)
  • Connections 2030

Public Transportation and Transit-Oriented Development – information some of Wisconsin’s premier transit systems, transit advocacy groups, and general transit information

  • Milwaukee County Transit
  • Madison Metro
  • Madison Area Bus Advocates (local bus riders group)
  • Valley Transit
  • Eau Claire Transit
  • Green Bay Metro
  • Complete list of Wisconsin Transit Systems
  • Economic Benefits from Public Transit in Wisconsin (DOT Study)
  • Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transportation Association (Statewide Transit Agencies Association)
  • Wisconsin Rural and Paratransit Providers Association (Rural and Elderly and Disabled Transportation Providers Association)
  • Wisconsin Regional Transportation Authorities