Comprehensive Plans Interactive Map

The University of Wisconsin-Applied Population Lab maintains an interactive map that includes features that showcase completed comprehensive plans. The municipalities and counties indicated on the maps have submitted final, adopted comprehensive plans to the Department of Adminstration


Weblinks are available for most of the plans.  Maps were last updated with plan submittal information from February 26, 2009.  In order to verify that a plan displayed is current, please directly contact the respective local government.


  • On the Applied Population Laboratory map webpage, under “Select Local Characteristic,” scroll through the “Other Variables” and select “Submitted Comprehensive Plans to DOA.”
  • Then select which level of geography: “Counties” or “Municipalities” and click “Update Map.”
  • Then counties/municipalities that have submitted plans are depicted in green and those that have not are indicated in yellow.
  • By selecting the identification tool, located in the map’s upper left corner and indicated with an “i,” a desired county or municipality can be selected on the map.  If a hyperlink to a plan exists, it will appear in a pop-up window upon selecting the respective local government.