Governor Doyle Seals the Deal for Rail for Wisconsin

Rail will be coming to Wisconsin regardless of who wins today’s election. That is good news for all Wisconsinites.

Over the weekend, Governor Doyle’s office worked with the U.S Transportation Department to sign a contract obligating almost all of the $820 million for rail construction.  The action makes it much more difficult for the next Governor to do anything but build the rail system.  Scott Walker, the Republican candidate for Governor has said that if elected, he would send the $810 million back to Washington rather than build the rail system.

Thanks to groundwork for passenger rail that was started under former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson and continued under Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, Wisconsin was awarded $810 million to build a crucial link in a nationwide passenger rail system.  The money will go to establish service between Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.  The award was a huge win for Wisconsin as not only does it establish a convenient rail network for commuters between the cities with the highest populations in the state, it also brings hundreds of millions of tax dollars from other states. With rail, commuters between Madison and Chicago will be able travel for less money than driving, relax on the train or do work.  Appreciation for the service will grow when gas prices inevitably rise.

The City of Madison has already begun transit oriented development that promises new life in an area dominated by parking lots near the Monona Terrace.

Governor Doyle’s action helps move Wisconsin forward with rail connections to regional centers of commerce.  1000 Friends of Wisconsin offers its sincere gratitude to Governor Doyle for his commitment to making Wisconsin a great place to live.

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