Improved Transit Funding Supported by 64% in Southeastern Wisconsin

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For Immediate Release: April 23, 2013
Contact: Gary R. Goyke, Legislative Director
Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transit Association
608-219-5237 or

Wisconsin Business Journal’s Business Pulse Survey released a new poll of businesses and subscribers in southeastern Wisconsin on April 22, 2013 that showed strong support for increased funding for transit.

The online polling question was: Should the State Legislature increase transit funding for southeastern Wisconsin? 64% of respondents said yes, 33% said no and 3% were undecided.

“Businesses in southeastern Wisconsin realize the important role public transit plays in the total transportation infrastructure system,” Greg Seubert, General Manager of Wausau Metro Transit and Chairman of the Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transit Association (WURTA) stated today.

“The business voice on this matter is very clear,” Seubert continued. “We believe this poll accurately reflects the attitudes of many business leaders both in Wisconsin and nationally. We hope our legislators listen and respond with some financial help.”

“The business community is making its voice known with these poll results, from the Corporate Boardroom to Main Street merchant,” stated Gary Goyke, WURTA Legislative Director. “The business community knows that if Wisconsin is to improve job growth and job retention, it must maintain adequate funding for transit and not allow the state to further reduce transit service.”

WURTA believes the poll reinforces the April 4, 2013 letter of support for transit funding signed by 29 community leaders from Southeastern Wisconsin and submitted to the Legislature. A copy of the letter is attached. Among the leaders expressing their public support of transit are: Tim Sheehy of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, Barb Wesner of the South Suburban Chamber of Commerce, Bill Johnson of the Urban Economic Development Association, Iam Abstop of NEWaukee, Jeramey Jannene of Urban Milwaukee, Randy Crump of the African American Chamber of Commerce and Julia Taylor of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

WURTA is a professional trade association representing Wisconsin’s public transportation systems, along with its business vendors, friends and transit advocates from around the state.