Joyce Foundation Grant

Non-governmental Organizations’ Collaboration to Restore the Watersheds in SE Wisconsin

In 2009 Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust Inc. secured a three-year grant from the Joyce Foundation to support and advance water quality and habitat restoration initiatives in the region.  Seven local and state-wide nonprofit organizations form the leadership team for the grant and are responsible for the development and delivery of program components.  The seven organizations include 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, River Alliance, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Clean Wisconsin, Milwaukee River Keeper, 16th Street Community Health Center and River Revitalization Foundation.  Each organization brings a unique expertise to the project.

The work of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is focused in three main areas:

  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of a communication and outreach strategy for Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc.
  2. Facilitate the development and implementation of area municipalities’ stormwater education and outreach programs to support their compliance with NR 216.
  3. Develop a pilot project that highlights best management practices that also serves as a community amenity.

The initial work of the grant will be focused in the Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Watersheds.   Watershed restoration plans have been completed for these two rivers that will guide efforts.