Open up, Waukesha County

So Waukesha County doesn’t want to have anything to do with transit or a Regional transit Authority.  Seems to me that’s a little like Minnesota Fats not wanting to have anything to do with fresh vegetables.  A little healthy food in the diet never hurt anyone.

Waukesha County is famous for its sprawl.  To be fair, Waukesha County has many beautiful areas.  The Kettle Moraine is a national treasure and many of the lakes are nothing short of spectacular.  But far too much of Waukesha County has been paved over in order to serve an entirely auto-dependent life style.  Adding transit to the mode mix in the county would help lots of families be better connected to the region.  Transit would also help Waukesha County employers by providing an affordable trip to work.  Transit benefits the whole community – not just those who ride transit.  When elected officials figure this out, the region will move forward.

Open up, Waukesha County.  Have some home grown salad and get healthy.