Are Things Looking Up for Local Roads?

Response to the Governor’s fact-sheet on local roads and transportation spending.

A fact-sheet released by Governor Scott Walker’s office today provides some insight into the details of the upcoming state transportation budget.

The document correctly identifies the need for increased spending on local infrastructure – which has been reeling from a maintenance crisis. This is in stark contrast to the condition of our highway infrastructure – with over 90% of state highways rated in fair or better condition due to consistently above average spending on these systems.

The Governor said he plans to keep borrowing low. 1000 Friends has pointed out that repaying debt now accounts for over 15% of our total transportation expenditures.

The Governor has previously said he does not favor raising the state gas tax – which as the fact sheet indicates – is among the highest in the nation.

1000 Friends applauds this initiative from the Governor’s office—as it is in line with our mission to prioritize the maintenance and repair of our crumbling local roads and move away from big-ticket highway projects that are unjustified and likely to be underused.