Smart Growth Law Used to Challenge Jet Port


Apostle Islands Near Bayfield, WI

The Bayfield County Committee for Responsible Land Use has challenged the decision by Bayfield County to approve the development of a jet port near the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  The lawsuit claims that the development plans are illegal because they are inconsistent with the locally generated comprehensive plan that would preserve the natural values of the area.

The lawsuit appears to be the first use of Wisconsin’s Smart Growth law to challenge development plans that are inconsistent with the locally generated comprehensive plan.

The development plans call for the construction of residential condominiums, a hotel, a restaurant and bar, fuel station, and a private air strip in the scenic hillsides that are near the National Lakeshore.

The lawsuit states that the comprehensive plan called for the preservation of the rural character of the region and the development would be totally inconsistent with that vision.