Submit Comments to PSC on Wind Siting Rules by July 7

2009 Wisconsin Act 40 (Act 40) directs the Public Service Commission to promulgate administrative rules that specify the restrictions a political subdivision (a city, village, town or county) may impose on the installation or use of a wind energy system, and to help ensure consistent local procedures for local regulation of wind energy systems. Pursuant to Act 40, if a political subdivision chooses to regulate such systems, its regulations may not be more restrictive than the Commission’s rules. The Commission has established docket 1-AC-231 to conduct the rulemaking under Act 40.WIND SITING COUNCIL
Act 40 also established a Wind Siting Council, an advisory body with members appointed by the Commission. The Wind Siting Council is a public body, and their meetings are open to the public. Notices of Wind Siting Council meetings will be filed in docket 1-AC-231. Additional information may also be posted on this website from time to time.PUBLIC COMMENTS
The commission is accepting public comments on the draft rules until noon on July 7 (noon on July 6 for faxed comments). A notice of hearing and public comment period has been filed in docket 1-AC-231 and is available below.
Current Status: Notice of Hearings View/Download File (2132 KB)
Proposed Draft Wind Siting Rules (as modified by Commission 5/14/10) View/Download File (315 KB)
Council Guiding Principles: Overall; Re: Developer/Owner Responsibilities View/Download File (16 KB)
Council Guiding Principles Re: Siting; Local & Commission Processes View/Download File (14 KB)
REVISED Draft Meeting Schedule for Wind Siting Council (updated 5/11/10) *SUBJECT TO CHANGE* View/Download File (14 KB)
Wind Siting Council Members View/Download File (11 KB)
When it is practicable, the Commission staff will provide live audio broadcast of Wind Siting Council meetings on the Commission’s website. Commission staff cannot ensure that all Council meetings will be broadcast on our website, but we will do our best to provide this additional access option when we can.
Case Coordinator: Deborah Erwin
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