Sustainable Strategies Webinar Series

March 15, 2018 12-1pm


Audrey Boerner – Eau Claire City-County Health Department

Getting the Most Out of Health Impact Assessments

Health impact assessments (HIA) has become an increasingly popular tool to systematically evaluate potential health impacts from a proposed policy, project, or plan. However, the science of HIA is gradually moving toward a more flexible approach: Health in all policies. This presentation will review the elements of a successful health impact assessment, the findings of two recent HIAs on industrial sand mining and urban redevelopment, and finally present how HIA and health in all policies can be used to incorporate health considerations into decision making.


Audrey Boerner is a project manager at the Eau Claire City-County Health Department and is part of a diverse team that is working to increase the use of health impact assessment and promote health in all policies. She previously worked for the Institute for Wisconsin’s Health as an HIA Specialist and led a team on the state’s first regional HIA, which was awarded the Wisconsin Public Health Association Excellence in Public Health Research award. Audrey’s work also includes supporting the use of data in decision making, environmental public health initiatives, and community health assessment. Audrey serves as Secretary for the international Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment. She holds a BS in Geology and MS in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, regularly commutes by bike, and enjoys playing Kubb in the backyard.