Transportation Budget Needs to be Derailed

Last March, 7 months before the fall election, Governor Walker signed a $541 million tax cut.  One week after the election, Governor Walker’s Transportation Secretary, proposed to erase that tax cut with a $751 million tax increase.

notaxCrass politics or bad advice from an advisor?

Contact Governor Walker today (and your state representative and state senator) and tell them to say “NO!” to this tax increase.

The Department of Transportation should do three things:

Important Facts:

  • The Transportation Budget is the only budget that has been exempt from any cuts for the past four years.
  • People are driving less today than in 2004. It doesn’t make sense to expand highways when driving is decreasing.
  • Transit is a form of transportation. Transit funding should come from the Transportation Fund – not the general fund.
  • We don’t need more money – just better allocation of funds.