Vos-Nass RTA Killing Bill

Nass Vos RTA Elimination Act

This is the legislation that has been drafted to eliminate local funding options for transit.  If this bill is passed, all additional  local transit support would have to come from the property tax payer.  If the 2011-12 budget includes the provision to stop  all transit aids from the transportation fund, local transit systems will face a dire future – killing the only transportation option for thousands of workers.

Contact your legislators and let them know that local government needs options to fund transit operations.  Without RTAs, local transit systems will be devastated.  While transit may be less important in small, rural communities, it is an essential service in larger communities.

Transit:  Is cheaper than driving; it saves energy, it creates more jobs per dollar invested than other forms of transportation, it’s essential for healthy cities, it forms a vital link between thousands of workers and their jobs, it helps prevent sprawl by allowing healthy communities to flourish.

Contact your legislator and let them know that you think that Regional Transit Authorities are needed to preserve transit in Wisconsin.