• Health and transportation advocacy in Lindsey Heights
    Health and transportation advocacy in Lindsey Heights

    We have been honored to partner with Wisconsin Department of Health Services to uplift the amazing work Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is doing to improve the health of Lindsay Heights residents. Walnut Way hosts fitness classes, community gardening space, weekly group bike rides, and so much more. June 1st, they held their second annual 5k… Read more

  • Riding with the mayor
    Riding with the mayor

    On Thursday, May 30, Active Wisconsin and AARP Wisconsin co-hosted “Making Connections in La Crosse,” a day of activities to uplift equitable transportation and street safety in the La Crosse area. I (Susan) joined “Ride With the Mayor,” an annual bike ride showcasing new improvements and future challenges in the city. In fact, I was… Read more

  • Beloit Transportation Academy wrap-up
    Beloit Transportation Academy wrap-up

    The third Community Transportation Academy wrapped up in Beloit in mid-April. We met at the Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) downtown. There were seven presentations on a number of topics to improve transportation networks in Beloit. We invited some guests to view the presentations and respond; special thank you to the MPO director TJ Nee, Public… Read more

  • Climate Action Networking in WI
    Climate Action Networking in WI
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    Last week was a big week for climate action networks! Wisconsin Climate Action Navigators On Monday and Tuesday, a group called the Wisconsin Climate Action Navigators (WI CAN) met for two days at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society in Milwaukee. WI CAN is organized by the Wisconsin Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy (OSCE) and… Read more

  • Earth Day 2024
    Earth Day 2024

    Gaylord Nelson was a founding member and Honorary Chair of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. We work to keep his spirit alive and to continue to do the work he felt was so critical to the future of Wisconsin. “We have an historic opportunity to impact land use policy in Wisconsin and to reverse the trend… Read more

  • National Zoning Atlas seeks to add Wisconsin – they need your help!
    National Zoning Atlas seeks to add Wisconsin – they need your help!
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    The National Zoning Atlas is a cross-sector research collaborative working to build an interactive map of the regulations that govern what and where people can build in 30,000+ municipalities across the country.  With unified data, we can better identify how zoning in particular impacts housing supply, public infrastructure spending, and the environment. The National Zoning Atlas team would like to… Read more

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