30th Street Corridor

1000 Friends partnered with MMSD to use significant green infrastructure investments as a driver for community revitalization in the 30th Street Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods, increasing the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of these areas.

30th2The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) 2035 Vision aims for zero basement backups, zero overflows, and improved water quality throughout the region. Green infrastructure in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor can play a key role in achieving this vision.

MMSD developed a green corridor as part of this effort, consisting of retention ponds, greenways, water courses and landscaping over the 5 mile long corridor.

1000 Friends of Wisconsin partnered with MMSD to use significant green infrastructure investment as a driver for community revitalization in the Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods, increasing the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of these areas.

1000 Friends facilitated the creation of a Green Tier Charter for the area.  The goal of the charter was to promote and institutionalize the use of green infrastructure for stormwater management and the use of local labor for installation and maintenance of the infrastructure, by both public and private sector property owners.

Benefits of participating in the Charter

Participants in the Green Tier Charter accrued a number of important benefits due to their involvement. This included:

  • Time-saving on permit applications – project participants receive a single point contact with WI DNR, as well as the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, and MMSD. This will greatly expedite the permitting process application and review.
  • Priority grant treatment – participating parties receive priority grant treatment from WI DNR for stormwater and other relevant grant programs.
  • Green Infrastructure investment opportunities – MMSD has green infrastructure grants available on a competitive basis and businesses participating in the Green Tier project will help with funding opportunities.
  • Single point of contact team – a team was been formed to provide permitting liaison and business assistance when dealing with government agencies. Representatives from the WI DNR, City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and MMSD stand ready to help Green Tier businesses.
  • Improved property values – green infrastructure increases property values throughout the targeted corridor.
  • Reduced flooding – the combined green infrastructure efforts of local government and the business community will significantly reduce flooding problems throughout out the corridor.
  • Reduced crime and stress – green infrastructure has been proven to reduce crime and stress by providing calming natural areas, green spaces, and additional recreation.
  • Energy savings – adding green roofs and stormwater trees reduces the heating and cooling requirements for buildings.

 The 30th Street Corridor Green Tier Charter participants were: