Smart Growth and Water Quality

Our land use and the way we live on the land is irrefutably linked to the health of our natural resources – air, water, habitats, and all living creatures. And likewise, the health of our communities, their viability, and sustainability are in turn linked to the health of these very same resources. The Wisconsin Comprehensive […]

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Smart Growth @ 10

In 2010, Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Planning (Smart Growth) law will achieve a milestone. Most of the state’s approximately 1800 units of government that are  required to have adopted a comprehensive plan will have adopted a locally generated  comprehensive plan. Starting on January 1, 2010,  towns, villages, cities, or counties engaging in official mapping, subdivision regulation, or […]

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Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Planning Legislation

In October 1999, the State of Wisconsin enacted the most ambitious land use legislation in a generation. Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Planning Legislation ensures that by 2010, every city, village, county and most towns in the state will be guided by a comprehensive plan as defined by state statute. The law came about in response to four […]

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Greater Milwaukee Water Quality Connections

The waters of Southeastern Wisconsin have always been among its most important and cherished assets. Long before the first pioneers came, Native Americans depended on the abundant game in the watershed for food and trading. These early inhabitants gave the area the name “Milwaukee” which means “Gathering Place by the Waters.” The first European immigrants […]

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