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Help us work to cut carbon emissions, protect natural resources and prioritize public health.

The climate crisis needs to be addressed from all angles, from policy creation to on-the-ground action, and at all levels, from national to individual. We focus on educating, engaging and providing resources for local governments and community members to aid in the creation and maintenance of healthy communities. Through sound land use and transportation planning, carbon emissions can be decreased, natural resources can be protected and public health can be prioritized. We are committed to equity and working to address the root causes of inequitable access and safety in our communities.

“We have an historic opportunity to impact land use policy in Wisconsin and to reverse the trend toward more sprawl. 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is determined not to let this opportunity slip by. Through research, legislative advocacy and public education, 1000 Friends is turning the tide in the fight against sprawl.” – Gaylord Nelson, 1996