The Gaylord Nelson Circle

The Gaylord Nelson Circle is a group of committed individuals who donate $1,000 or more annually to 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. This support helps us to promote planning and development consistent with the principles of Gaylord Nelson.

Gaylord Nelson was a founding member and Honorary Chair of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. We work to keep his spirit alive and to continue to do the work he felt was so critical to the future of Wisconsin.

You can join the Gaylord Nelson Circle by setting up regular electronic fund transfers or making a one time donation online at our Donate Now page or by sending a check to:

1000 Friends of Wisconsin
P.O. Box #259704
Madison, WI  53725

Your contribution will be tax deductible to the extent of the law.

“We have an historic opportunity to impact land use policy in Wisconsin and to reverse the trend toward more sprawl. 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is determined not to let this opportunity slip by. Through research, legislative advocacy and public education, 1000 Friends is turning the tide in the fight against sprawl.”
-Senator Gaylord Nelson 1996

Gaylord Nelson