Great Neighborhood

The Mustard Museum in Downtown Middleton
The Mustard Museum in Downtown Middleton

While new neighborhoods are being built in the traditional style, downtown Middleton embodies all of the characteristics of a traditional neighborhood that has been developed, in some cases, for almost 100 years.  Downtown Middleton is easily accessible by foot, by bike (multiple trail routes), by road, by Metro bus and even by rail.  The downtown is laid out in a grid pattern to make it easy to understand and get around.

Downtown Middleton makes a great impression, boasting clean streets, attractive brick terraces, planers and banners showing various scenes of the city.  There are offices, retail, restaurants and a good mix of different housing types.

Downtown us always is use!  Whether it is a downtown beach party (with sand imported for volleyball tournaments) or a downtown wine and art gallery walk, National Mustard Day (August 4, 2012) or just a normal Saturday night when the Capital Brewery is showing the Olympics on a big screen in their outdoor Bier Garten.

Downtown Middleton is a gathering place, a shopping place, a working place and a living place.  it is a true 24 hour downtown with a Walkscore of 78.   Middleton is also a Green Tier community.