8 Great Placemaking Ideas

Green Downtown Program Manager Matt Covert wrote a series of ideas for the design team to consider when renovating State Street and Library Mall.  Matt included placemaking principles to make sure that the newly redesigned public space functions well all year long and for all people.

Read Matt’s suggestions:

  • Introduction to the 8 ideas
  • Idea #1 -Install an Ice Rink
  • Idea #2 -Incorporate Flexible Shade And Seating
  • Idea #3 -Redesign The Fountain As An Interactive Water Feature
  • Idea #4 -Have Tasteful Use Of Artistic Bike Racks To Help Brand The Space
  • Idea #5 -Use Covered Bike Parking & Bike Valet Services To Handle Increased Bike Traffic
  • Idea #6 -Create an Alternate Bike Route
  • Idea #7 -Have Bicycle Service And Repair As An Enduring Feature
  • Idea #8 -Hire a Programming Coordinator

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