Madison’s Central Park stuck at crossroads

By Paul Snyder Madison’s only Central Park development plan hinges on the state letting the city open a pedestrian crossing over the railroad at Few Street. At the same time, Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co., which operates the railroad, is citing safety concerns for its request that the state close three nearby vehicle crossings. “I […]

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Proposed Edgewater project secures zoning change

By Paul Snyder The Madison Common Council, on a 13-7 vote Tuesday, approved a zoning change for the proposed $93 million redevelopment of the Edgewater Hotel. The change alters the city’s setback standard by maintaining a commercial building’s setback from the waterfront when the building is expanded. According to current zoning, the minimum setback for […]

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Rail hits resistance in Waterloo

Sean Ryan The Madison-to-Milwaukee high-speed rail line will split Waterloo in half, reducing property values and isolating residential neighborhoods, said a Waterloo alderwoman. To offset the negatives, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation should spend more money on roads, bridges and aesthetics in Waterloo, said Alderwoman Laura Cotting. She suggested the state spend more than […]

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