Workplace Giving

Give through the Community Shares of Wisconsin Workplace Giving Campaign.

Workplace giving is a simple way that employees can make tax-deductible donation to local charities through payroll contributions. Workplace giving is not only easy and efficient, it allows a company and its employees to work together to benefit the community.

The Community Shares workplace giving campaign is “donor driven.” This means that donors may designate (or direct) all or part of their gifts to specific CSW member groups which, in turn, receive 100% of those gifts.

Each fall, you are given the opportunity to designate non-profits of your choice through your workplace giving campaign.

Please designate 1000 Friends of Wisconsin as your charity or one of your charities. And, when given the choice to receive an acknowledgement, please say ‘yes’. Otherwise, we are not given notice of your gift and you will not receive our quarterly newsletter.

If your employer does not offer workplace giving, you may Start a Giving Campaign at Your Workplace.  More details can be found at Community Shares of Wisconsin.