Big Share 2022 Today!

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Video text:

Hi, Susan here again from 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. I’m here to tell you about the Big Share and why it’s important to support our organization today, Tuesday, March 1st. The Big Share is a one-day fundraising event hosted by Community Shares of Wisconsin that supports organizations like ours that support social, racial, and environmental justice and equity. At 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, we promote land use policies that advance healthy communities, transportation equity, and environmental preservation all across the state of Wisconsin.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What does land use planning have to do with me, or health and equity?” Ask yourself, “Do I have safe sidewalks in my neighborhood? Can I take the bus to work? Do my kids have a safe way to get to school? Does a highway cut through the middle of my neighborhood?”

Land use is basically how we design our communities as humans. It’s where we put our housing, where we put our roads, where we decide to live, how we get from place to place. Neighborhood design is no accident. Transportation design is no accident either. Since 1000 Friends of Wisconsin was founded in 1996, our work has evolved with the changing times, but our core mission has not. Our goal is for every community in Wisconsin to thrive and we provide the tools and resources and the statewide advocacy to do that. If you want to support us, join us at The Big Share. You can donate any time. Go to and search for 1000 Friends or you can click on the link in our bio.

Make a donation. Help us reach our fundraising goal of $3000. You can also join us on a live at 4pm with the Sierra Club and our transportation policy director Gregg May to learn more about our work. So thank you for your support and we hope to see you at The Big Share!