Legislative updates

July 1 – Fiscal Year Deadline for budget

Currently there is an impasse on the budget and legislators missed the deadline. For now the current fiscal year spending levels will remain in effect which allows state agencies to continue working.  It could cause a real dilemma for Wisconsin school districts if the impasse continues for too long.  They are left hanging as they try to craft their budgets without knowing what they can expect for state aid.

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Legislative updates

Legislative Update – Jan/Feb 2017

Governor Walker released his budget bill on Feb. 8th. The areas that are receiving the most attention are increased funding for K-12, tax cuts, transportation, school choice and self-insurance. There is no consensus among Republicans on these issues currently but we’ll watch how things evolve over the next few months. The goal is to pass the budget by July.

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Letter to Legislators–Oppose Assembly Bill 210

We are writing to respectfully ask you to reject Assembly Bill 210, relating to an additional local sales and use tax for maintenance of streets and highways. We thank you for recognizing the need to address Wisconsin’s local infrastructure crisis but do not believe that the remedies offered by AB210 are the most effective way to do so. AB 210 would add to ordinary Wisconsinites’ tax burden, while unfairly shifting the responsibility of critical infrastructure maintenance to local government.

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ACTION ALERT– STOP AB 210 – Double Taxes for Local Roads

Legislators have a “fix” for the deplorable shape of local roads. The “Fix” is only going to make things a lot worse and cost tax payers a lot more. AB 210 would allow communities to adopt a half cent sales tax to pay for local road maintenance. While local roads are in terrible shape, this bill is a very short term fix that will hurt communities for a long time to come.

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