League of Wisconsin Municpalities press release

Ding Dong the Dark Store is Dead

Press Release from The League of Wisconsin Municipalities. In a decision representing a major victory for Wisconsin municipalities and their taxpayers, the Wisconsin Supreme Court resoundingly rejected a big box commercial retailer’s attempt to demonstrate its tax assessment was “excessive” by using sales of dark and distressed properties as “reasonably comparable sales” to determine value. […]

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Non-driver ArcGIS Online App

Advocacy Update: Map of Non-drivers in Wisconsin

You may not see it, but 1000 Friends of Wisconsin does a ton work behind the scenes to help make Wisconsin a better place for walking, biking, and transit. Did you know that we serve on several WisDOT working groups? This includes serving on WisDOT’s Stakeholder Taskforce, which solicits feedback on transportation needs and budget […]

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Press Release

Advocacy Update: Letter to Governor and WisDOT Secretary – Infrastructure Projects

Advocacy Update: On March 3rd, 1000 Friends and 29 other organizations submitted a letter asking that WisDOT prioritize discretionary infrastructure funding to projects that promote equity and sustainability. These goals are laid out in a new US DOT memorandum, which we would like WisDOT to use when deciding which projects to fund. To achieve the administration’s […]

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A band-aid on a crack in the road.

Infrastructure Bill – Recap for Wisconsin

On November 15th, President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. With all the back-and-forth, it was easy to lose track of what programs made the final cut and how they will impact Wisconsin. To add to the confusion, the federal government reauthorized the regular 5-year transportation budget at the same time. So the infrastructure […]

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Forward Thinking – Wisconsin Climate Change Bills

#5 – Wisconsin Lawmakers – State Climate Change Bills This week, a group of legislators released 22 bills to reduce the effects of climate change and make Wisconsin more sustainable. These bills were spearheaded by representatives across the state including Representative Greta Neubauer, D-Racine, who said “We have no time to waste if we want […]

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On the road beneath highway I-94.

2021-2023 Budget Recap – Preserving the Status Quo

As the summer starts to come to a close, 1000 Friends felt it was important to revisit the final State budget which passed in early July. This budget will impact everyone in the state for the next two years. Unfortunately, this budget will continue our unsustainable transportation policies that have left local roads and transit […]

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