Community Transportation Academy Update: walk with me!

The penultimate class session was a walk/roll audit, which was a welcome opportunity for everyone to meet in person (Zoom fatigue is real!) and apply what we have covered in class to a local situation. We conducted the walk/roll audit on a section of Losey Boulevard, which runs north-south through La Crosse and borders the east side of the UW La Crosse campus.

Losey was frequently cited during class discussions as a dangerous road for pedestrians, and its proximity to the Student Union, where in-person sessions of the Academy are held, made it an excellent candidate for an audit.

We used the Walk Audit Tool Kit, a free resource published by AARP. The Tool Kit is a user-friendly guide to assessing the safety and walkability of local streets. A set of worksheets accompany the guide, and they provide checklists for an assortment of situations: sidewalks, intersections, transit stops, street beautification, and more.

Read and watch videos about what the class found during the walk audit.

Construction along or near Losey Blvd.
Construction along or near Losey Blvd.