Health and transportation advocacy in Lindsey Heights

We have been honored to partner with Wisconsin Department of Health Services to uplift the amazing work Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is doing to improve the health of Lindsay Heights residents. Walnut Way hosts fitness classes, community gardening space, weekly group bike rides, and so much more. June 1st, they held their second annual 5k and kicked off their summer challenge to support each other in being active every day. We happily joined them at the 5K event to speak about active transportation advocacy and how dangerous streets impact health outcomes.

Tabling at the 5k on June 1, 2024

A few days later on June 4th we hosted a screening of The Street Project documentary at Walnut Way’s Innovation and Wellness Commons. After the film, we had a lively discussion with panel speakers and the audience sharing how traffic violence impacts all our lives in Milwaukee. We left with the need for sustained collective action to improve the health and safety of all our Milwaukee communities. We are excited to continue our partnership with Walnut Way and to continue discussing street safety with other communities in Milwaukee and across the state.

Attendees watch The Street Project at the Innovation and Wellness Commons at Walnut Way

Thank you to Carl Glasemeyer, Transportation Policy Director at 1k Friends, for moderating, as well as our panel speakers:

Ammar Nsoroma, Red Bike & Green Milwaukee

Jessica Wineberg, City of Milwaukee Vision Zero Policy Director

Kavon Cortez Jones, Community Member & Cyclist

Amanda Richman, City of Milwaukee Public Health Strategist

Shawn Moore, WI Bike Fed MilWALKee Walks Coordinator

From left: Ras Ammar Nsoroma, Jessica Wineburg, Kavon Cortez Jones, Amanda Richman, Shawn Moore, Carl Glasemeyer