Webinar 2: Beth Osbourne – Driving Down Emissions – watch the recording

Watch the 2nd webinar in the series: Driving Down Emissions – How to Reform Land Use and Transportation for a more Sustainable Future, featuring Beth Osbourne from Transportation For America.

Beth Osborne is the Director of Transportation for America, a national nonprofit made up of local, regional and state transportation leaders committed to a transportation system that connects people to jobs and essential services by all modes of travel no matter their financial means or physical ability.

Beth will be sharing the findings from Transportation for America’s Driving Down Emissions” report and the barriers to a more just and equitable society. Highlights include getting onerous government regulations out of the way of providing more homes where people naturally drive less, making safety the top priority for street design to encourage more short trips, and instituting GHG reduction and less driving as goals of the transportation system.

Beth Osbourne, Transportation For America