Webinar: The Future of Passenger Rail in Wisconsin – watch the recording

Watch the recording of the webinar.

February 8, 2024.
Supported by APA-Wisconsin, CM Credits available.

There are several planning efforts underway to expand passenger rail in Wisconsin. Awarded $2.5 million by the federal government, Wisconsin Department of Transportation will study expanding and adding new service along 5 corridors, consistent with their recently updated rail plan. One of these corridors would provide service to our state’s capitol. The City of Madison compliments these efforts by conducting its own study on preferred station location. Additionally, the City of Racine received a separate $5million grant to restart regional rail service between Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee. You’lll hear from leaders in each of these areas:


  • Jennifer Murray, AICP – Director of Transit, Local Roads, Railroads & Harbors at WISDot
    • Update on Corridor ID program including an overview of corridors you are looking at and timeline/process. (state)
  • Trevor Jung – Director of Transit & Mobility – RYDE Racine at City of Racine
    • Update on KRM commuter rail. (regional)
  • Liz Callin, AICP – Senior Transportation Planner for City of Madison
    • Update on Madison passenger rail station study. (city)

Facilitator: Carl Glasemeyer – Transportation Policy Director with 1000 Friends

Webinar about the Future of Passenger Rail in Wisconsin, featuring Liz Callin, Trevor Jung and Jen Murray - includes their photos

Liz Callin, AICP, is a senior transportation planner at the City of Madison and specializes in transit, passenger rail, public engagement, and policy work. She is on a mission to help make our transportation system work better for everyone – merging convenience, affordability, inclusivity, and safety with climate conscious mobility solutions at every level. Liz has a master’s degree in Urban Planning and a graduate certificate in Real Estate. Other experience includes as an Urban and Regional Planner – Advanced, with WisDOT and a Senior Transportation Policy Analyst with Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

Trevor Jung directs the management and operations of the Transit Department’s RYDE Racine bus transit system (serving the City of Racine and surrounding villages); provides administrative oversight for a contracted multi-county commuter bus operation; plans and facilitates the development of multimodal transportation systems including micro-mobility and passenger rail; represents the City of Racine and strengthens relationships with other agencies, jurisdictions, state and federal regulatory agencies, local media, citizen interest groups and private businesses; serves as the principal advisor to the City of Racine Transit Commission and Mayor. Trevor also develops multimodal, sustainable, and smart strategies and programs including alternative fuels, higher fuel efficiency vehicles, technological innovations, micro-mobility and regional passenger rail planning and development, and alternative dispatching and service models. He is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee.

Jen Murray, AICP, leads the bureau’s 40 staff having responsibilities for the development, administration, financing, monitoring, and reporting of state and federal programs for local roads, local bridges, transit systems, railroads, harbors, and local transportation support. Jen has worked for WisDOT for 20 years in various positions in transportation planning and programming and has a Master of Architecture degree.