Electric car

Electric Vehicle Readiness in Wisconsin

An Integrated Approach to Zero-Carbon Transportation Webinar As electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more prominent in Wisconsin, it is important that our communities are ready for this major transition. 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, along with Jane McCurry at RENEW Wisconsin, recently held a webinar with our Green Tier community partners to discuss the current […]

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Clean Energy Plan Cover

Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit

DEVELOPING A CLEAN ENERGY PLAN FOR YOUR COMMUNITY As concern over climate change and its impacts deepens, local communities across Wisconsin are eager to develop and implement clean energy plans. Often, they struggle with how to begin from a technical perspective and how to engage their communities. The Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit is a comprehensive […]

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Multi-Modal Toolkit

Toolkits to help Wisconsin communities meet their emission goals

Considering that transportation is now the largest and fastest growing source of carbon emissions in the United States, it is important for communities to create climate goals and take action. 1000 Friends has developed a pair of toolkits, one focused on electric vehicle adoption and the other on multi-modal transportation, that will help Wisconsin communities […]

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