Electric Buses in Wisconsin graphic

Webinar 8: Electric Buses in Wisconsin – watch the recording

Did you know that Wisconsin was just awarded 65 electric school buses? Join our webinar on Wednesday, November 30 at Noon to learn more about the future of EV buses in Wisconsin! We are excited to be joined by Susan Mudd (Environmental Law & Policy Center) and Trevor Jung (City of Racine – Ryde Racine) who […]

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A band-aid on a crack in the road.

Infrastructure Bill – Recap for Wisconsin

On November 15th, President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. With all the back-and-forth, it was easy to lose track of what programs made the final cut and how they will impact Wisconsin. To add to the confusion, the federal government reauthorized the regular 5-year transportation budget at the same time. So the infrastructure […]

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Eau Claire Electric Vehicle Roadmap Cover

Forward Thinking – Eau Claire’s EV Roadmap

#4 – Eau Claire – A Roadmap to EV Adoption In 2019, the city of Eau Claire released a first of its kind Electric Vehicle (EV) roadmap. The plan included ambitious goals to get 8,000 EVs to residents and to install 160 charging stations by 2030. This roadmap is part of larger plan to get the […]

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La Crosse Transit

Forward Thinking – La Crosse Transit

#3 – La Crosse Municipal Transit – Embracing the Future La Crosse continues to be a transit leader in Wisconsin. Recently, the City’s transit manager, Adam Lorentz said they are trying to get as many rides as possible on their fourteen new buses. Pre-pandemic, La Crosse averaged a million rides a year and they are […]

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Roadway in Bayfield County with crumbling infrastructure

Forward Thinking – Bayfield County

#1 – Bayfield County – Fixing Local Roads and Building Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Rural Wisconsin While you may know that Wisconsin’s smallest city is famous for its summer tourists, beautiful shorelines, and warm hospitality, you may not know that Bayfield County is also a leader in sustainability. Local leaders recognized that climate change is […]

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