Transit Equity Day Proclomation by Governor Evers

Transit Equity Day 2024

Groups across the country will celebrate Transit Equity Day on Feb. 4th and 5th to commemorate the birthday of Rosa Parks. It’s a day to declare public transit a civil right and a key strategy to combat climate change. This year, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin again requested the Governor Evers to proclaim Feb 4th Transit Equity Day, acknowledging […]

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Fond du Lac Ave

Safe Routes to Transit for Fond du Lac Ave

At the end of 2023’s Fall semester, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin worked with Dr. Robert Schneider’s Planning Policy Analysis class at UWM. We presented our case that Fond du Lac Ave (Wis-145) through the City of Milwaukee is in need of corridor visioning. These Masters of Urban Planning students had three weeks to research and […]

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An electric bus full of eager Community Transportation Academy participants.

Community Transportation Academy: La Crosse Transit Tour!

Last week we passed the halfway mark at the Community Transportation Academy in La Crosse! The milestone occasion was marked with two special guests: Adam Lorentz, Director of Transit for the City of La Crosse, and Tim Koterwski, Director of Operations for MTU. Read about the Tour here.

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Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Council website

WisDOT’s Non-Driver Advisory Council

1000 Friends of Wisconsin is proud to serve on WisDOT’s Non-Driver Advisory Council. Since the council’s start in 2020, our organization has been fighting for more walking, biking, and transit connections by sharing the experiences of our members with WisDOT engineers. While there is still much work to be done, our relationships on this council have […]

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Transit Equity Day proclomation by Gov Tony Evers

Transit equity day proclamation accepted!

On February 4th, groups across the country celebrated Transit Equity Day, which is a national day of action commemorating the birthday of Rosa Parks by declaring public transit as a civil right and a strategy to combat climate change. This year 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, succeeded in getting a proclamation from Governor Tony Evers acknowledging the importance of transit in […]

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Groundbreaking for Madison’s new transit line

Groundbreaking for Madison’s new transit line

Last week, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin was invited to the groundbreaking for Madison’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. Identified as a “mover and influencer,” 1000 Friends has continually advocated for this new transit line which will serve as a backbone of Madison Metro’s networking moving forward. BRT is one of the most cost-effective ways to […]

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