Leopold Green Schoolyard – Video Tour and Final Update!

New green school yard at Leopold Elementary that includes a rain garden and community vegetable garden.

For the last 6 years, 1000 Friends has worked with Leopold Elementary School to coordinate actions that would help create a more welcoming schoolyard and alleviate flooding issues on the blacktop. In the last few years, we started the Leopold Green Schoolyard Committee – made up of parents, staff, and community partners that is still going strong. The focus for the Green Schoolyard Committee has always been to use community input to utilize the vast green space around the school to create a safe space for learning, exploring, and gathering.

We left the project in the hands of parents, staff, and community members to take it where they want the work to go. The team will be working on a comprehensive plan for the schoolyard to share with the incoming principal at Leopold this year. We are so grateful to Leopold School staff and community for allowing us to help coordinate the work and are excited to see where the schoolyard goes from here!

Check out Abe’s interview and tour: