National Zoning Atlas seeks to add Wisconsin – they need your help!

The National Zoning Atlas is a cross-sector research collaborative working to build an interactive map of the regulations that govern what and where people can build in 30,000+ municipalities across the country.  With unified data, we can better identify how zoning in particular impacts housing supply, public infrastructure spending, and the environment.

The National Zoning Atlas team would like to add Wisconsin’s zoning codes to the National Atlas. There are two ways you can help make this possible:

  1. Commission the NZA central team (Land Use Atlas Inc.) to analyze, digitize, and publish your zoning code to the Atlas. For information on process and pricing details, click here. (The team also offers dynamic visualization and interactive storytelling for key zoning variables and findings, among other services.) 
  2. Organize a team of analysts to review the project methodology to see how NZA contributors perform textual and geospatial zoning code analysis. If you feel you will be able to convene a team to complete one or more local jurisdictions, contact

The national goals for the National Zoning Atlas may overlap with regional or local interests. Perhaps you can see benefits that could justify a grant application opportunity you come across or that even warrants directly hiring the National Zoning Atlas team to analyze zoning codes? Perhaps you are aware of zoning reform/housing advocacy nonprofit organizations in search of standardized data?

Please contact if you’d like to learn more about the national project.   

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