Public Space

The Lower Wisconsin Riverway is a serpentine treasure of the midwest.  Flowing for 92 dam-free miles from Sauk City to its mouth at Praire du Chien on the Mississippi, the river is one of the biggest recreational river draws in the region.

The river is accessible from a number of public docks and landings, though much of the shoreline is still privately owned.  The landings are easily identified and no permits are required to paddle or camp on sandbars, which improves the accessibility.  The river has a shallow sandy bottom, making is ideal for canoeists and difficult for most motorboats.  The views from the river are protected by zoning, preserving the wilderness feel of the river.

The riverway is managed by the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, adhering to a set of “performance standards” which are designed to protect the aesthetic integrity of the Riverway. Permits are required for structures, timber harvesting, utility facilities and other activities.

The Lower Wisconsin Riverway was created in 1989 after many years (decades) of hard work by citizen activists.  It stands today as a cherished resource of the state that will be protected for the enjoyment of future generations.