Local Roads Conditions Viewer

Local Road Conditions – Interactive Map

Find the grade of the local roads in the assembly district you live in. Tell your local legislator that we need to repair and maintain our local roads first, instead of expanding freeways on borrowed money. Click on your legislator’s picture to go to their website, where you will find ways to contact them.

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Downsides of Decking Over John Nolen Drive

We have been taking a closer look at the proposal from the Madison Design Professionals Workgroup to put commuter traffic on US Highway 151 underground through part of Downtown Madison, cap the tunnel with a new 6.5 acre park, and improve the surface street grid for local pedestrian, bicycle, mass transit, and local vehicle traffic. Last week, we examined some of the myriad benefits a project like this would likely have. Today, we will take a look at some of the potential downsides and side effects the project may produce.

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Benefits of Decking Over John Nolen Drive

As promised, 1000 Friends is sharing some more in-depth analysis of the proposal to bury John Nolen Drive and Blair Street in a tunnel, build a park on the surface, and reconnect the surface street grid. Today, we tackle some of the primary benefits of this project from the transportation, environmental, and civic points of view.

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Walkability from Eye Level

This spring five UW-Madison students working through the Morgridge Center’s Badger Volunteers program are 1000 Friends’ “eyes on the street,” literally! They are walking up and down every street in Downtown Madison performing a walkability survey, taking notes on where there are blind corners, unsafe sidewalks, poorly designed intersections, conflicts with other road and street users, and other impediments to top-notch pedestrian-friendliness.

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Understanding Changes in Walking and Biking in America’s Cities

With so much information at our fingertips day in and day out, sifting through it for clarity and analysis can be challenging. One of the things we try to do at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is to shed light on underlying trends and patterns that can help communities make better decisions about design, services, and […]

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