Webinar 5: Common Tree Diseases with Brian Hudelson (RECORDED)

Webinar 5: Common Tree Diseases with Brian Hudelson

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 12:00-1:00 – Watch recording here

Produced in collaboration with the Dane County Tree Board

Brian Hudelson

Join 1000 Friends and Brian Hudelson, the Director of Diagnostic Services at the UW-Madison Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic to learn the most common diseases impacting our urban trees. Brian will teach us about the most prevalent tree diseases and share methods for their management and prevention. We’ll stop periodically throughout the presentation so Brian can answer any specific questions you have. Brian is a frequent guest on the Larry Meiller Show on WPR and is excited to answer any of your tree disease questions! We encourage you to send questions in ahead of time to be sure yours are answered.

You can view Brian’s slide-deck for his presentation here. It includes tree diseases he didn’t get to during the webinar. 

The Leafing Out webinar series was funded in part by an urban forestry grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program as authorized under s. 23.097, Wis. Stat.