Idea 1 of 8 Great Placemaking Ideas For The State Street Mall Renovation

One of the most important aspects of proper placemaking, according to the Project for Public Spaces, is this: “The Community is the Expert.” When the State Street Mall design team asked the public for their suggestions and ideas of how to improve one of Madison’s iconic public spaces, a frequently recurring comment was that Library […]

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Walkability in Madison, from eye level

What is Walk Appeal? One of the most crucial components of any healthy community is how walkable it is. Walkable communities are fitter, safer, and more socially cohesive, to say nothing of the benefits to businesses when customers can easily come on foot and by bicycle. Often, we measure the walkability of a block, a […]

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Infill redevelopment in Downtown Madison

Check out this very cool rendering by Matt Covert of all the infill redevelopment in Downtown Madison that is under construction or that has been approved by city planning (with the exception of Judge Doyle Square, which has had multiple proposals but no action by the city). At the end of 2012, 14 major infill […]

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Green transportation downtown

When we think of “green” transportation, we often think in categories. We often talk about the comparative virtues and downsides of hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles, bicycles, public transit, and walking. However, downtown transportation is “green” to the extent that it provides opportunities to easily, efficiently, and seamlessly use multiple modes of transportation in any […]

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What is a sustainable downtown?

Cities are tremendously consumptive places, but they can be places of exciting innovation, competition, collaboration, and opportunity. They can be both the source of and the solution to their own sustainability challenges. This is especially important because of demographic trends that show a resurgence of city centers and a preference for walkable urbanism. With that […]

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