Infill redevelopment in Downtown Madison

Check out this very cool rendering by Matt Covert of all the infill redevelopment in Downtown Madison that is under construction or that has been approved by city planning (with the exception of Judge Doyle Square, which has had multiple proposals but no action by the city).

Infill Judge Doyle Square

At the end of 2012, 14 major infill redevelopment projects were either under construction or approved by the City of Madison. Additionally, major changes are underway east of the capitol, with the redevelopment of Judge Doyle Square up for debate and two large developments proposed around the corner on Webster Street.
This rendering shows all 14 projects accurately scaled to size, plus the proposed Judge Doyle Square buildings. Density is important to sustainability and vibrant public spaces, but so are welcoming pedestrian streetscapes, stormwater runoff mitigation, green space, and bicycle and transit infrastructure. How can we encourage infill redevelopment while also ensuring that these developments are done thoughtfully?