The federal highway system as of June 1958. From Library of Congress

Decades of Highway Construction & Community Destruction

– by Jimmie Briggs and Melissa Stanton, AARP Livable Communities America’s interstate highway system was created by bulldozing through thousands of homes, businesses and neighborhoods. The impact of those losses continues to this day. Read the full article at

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Transit Equity Day Proclomation by Governor Evers

Transit Equity Day 2024

Groups across the country will celebrate Transit Equity Day on Feb. 4th and 5th to commemorate the birthday of Rosa Parks. It’s a day to declare public transit a civil right and a key strategy to combat climate change. This year, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin again requested the Governor Evers to proclaim Feb 4th Transit Equity Day, acknowledging […]

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I-94 Project from 70th Street to 16th Street.

Civil Rights Investigation of I-94 Project

The Federal Highway Administration is investigating a Title VI civil rights compliant for the proposed I-94 expansion in Milwaukee. Members of the Coalition for More Responsible Transportation are calling on Governor Evers to pause the project; for WisDOT and USDOT not to issue a Final Environmental Impact Statement or a Record of Decision while it […]

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Community Connectors

Community Connectors: Tools for advocates

Transportation for America’s Community Connectors portal provides tools and information for advocates to decode the complex and confusing maze of programs, acronyms, and decision points that determine what gets built with federal and state transportation dollars. Who actually chooses how federal transportation dollars get spent? Did you know USDOT has almost no say on the divisive new […]

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An electric bus full of eager Community Transportation Academy participants.

Community Transportation Academy: La Crosse Transit Tour!

Last week we passed the halfway mark at the Community Transportation Academy in La Crosse! The milestone occasion was marked with two special guests: Adam Lorentz, Director of Transit for the City of La Crosse, and Tim Koterwski, Director of Operations for MTU. Read about the Tour here.

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