Transit Equity Day Proclomation by Governor Evers

Transit Equity Day 2024

Groups across the country will celebrate Transit Equity Day on Feb. 4th and 5th to commemorate the birthday of Rosa Parks. It’s a day to declare public transit a civil right and a key strategy to combat climate change. This year, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin again requested the Governor Evers to proclaim Feb 4th Transit Equity Day, acknowledging […]

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Photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash

Forward on Climate Package introduced

Climate change the focus of 20 bills pushed by Wisconsin Democrats.  Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer introduced the Forward on Climate package of 20 bills at a press conference Thursday. “There’s a lot that we can do here to make sure that Wisconsinites are prepared for the impacts of climate change, and that we are doing our […]

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Urbanists and environmentalists hope to see development in place of I-794.

7 reasons why removing I-794 would be a boon for downtown Milwaukee

-By Taylor Korslin,  a Milwaukee architect and volunteer with Rethink 794, a group advocating for the removal of the elevated highway. Posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ​It’s time to think boldly about what Milwaukee should look like decades to come. The removal of 794 will be a resounding success for downtown.  Here are 7 reasons […]

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Members of the CTA taking a La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility bus to tour public transportation facilities, March 2023.

Bridging Policy and People

UW La Crosse Campus Connections published a feature article on the Community Transportation Academy, which debuted there earlier this year. Check out the article – Bridging policy and people, to read more about the Academy and the impact it had on participants! Some highlighted comments from the students: “The class has given me the knowledge […]

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Carl Glasemeyer on Fox 5 news

Reimagining Hwy 175

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is trying to Re-imagine Highway 175.  The public had an opportunity to share their thoughts on changes to the highway Monday night, Oct. 2. WisDOT is doing a two-year study on the stretch of highway. On Monday, they offered walking tours of the Wisconsin 175 Corridor and people shared opinions about its future. 1000 Friends […]

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Removal option 2 - WisDOT

What should be done with 794?

-Dan Shafer, from the Milwaukee Record Carl Glasemeyer, 1000 Friends Transportation Policy Analyst is quoted in the article: “We support the removal of 794,” said Carl Glasemeyer, transportation policy analyst at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, who specifically identified “Concept #2” among WisDOT’s publicly presented options as the one the group favors. “(We support this option) […]

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