Advocacy Update: Map of Non-drivers in Wisconsin

You may not see it, but 1000 Friends of Wisconsin does a ton work behind the scenes to help make Wisconsin a better place for walking, biking, and transit. Did you know that we serve on several WisDOT working groups? This includes serving on WisDOT’s Stakeholder Taskforce, which solicits feedback on transportation needs and budget priorities. We also are involved with WisDOT’s Non-Driver Advisory Council, which identifies transportation barriers for non-drivers and works to improve mobility for all travelers in Wisconsin.

Obviously a ton of work needs to be done. However, we continue to advocate for multi-modal transportation with agency engineers and leadership. Just recently, the Non-Driver Advisory Council was able to map the location of all those who walk, bike, or take transit in Wisconsin. Did you know that 31% of all Wisconsinites are considered non-drivers? We will continue to advocate for these vulnerable road users as we work to make Wisconsin a more sustainable and equitable place for all.

Non-driver ArcGIS Online App