In the News: Transit Equity Day

Gregg was quoted on the following news sites following the Transit Equity Day Press Release:

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks. Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

CBS 58: “On this day, we celebrate not only her act of resistance, but the rights for all to have affordable and efficient public transit,” 1,000 Friends of Wisconsin Transportation Policy Director Gregg May said.

NBC 15: “We celebrate not only her act of resistance but the right for all to have affordable and efficient public transit,” said Gregg May, with 1000 Friends of Wisconsin.

Up North News: Gregg May, transit policy director with 1,000 Friends of Wisconsin, said improved public transit is needed now more than ever—and not just in urban areas. He pointed to recent findings from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that rural areas are just as much impacted by poor public transit and that a third of Wisconsin’s population is considered “non-drivers.”

Wispolitics: “We are very excited to see leaders across Wisconsin recognize Rosa Parks’ birthday as Transit Equity Day,” said Gregg May, Transportation Policy Director at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. “Proclamations from Governor Evers and mayors across the state show that an affordable and efficient public transit system remains a major priority for residents of Wisconsin.”