Roadway in Bayfield County with crumbling infrastructure

Forward Thinking – Bayfield County

#1 – Bayfield County – Fixing Local Roads and Building Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Rural Wisconsin While you may know that Wisconsin’s smallest city is famous for its summer tourists, beautiful shorelines, and warm hospitality, you may not know that Bayfield County is also a leader in sustainability. Local leaders recognized that climate change is […]

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I-94 Expansion. Rendering from WisDOT.

We Oppose I-94 Expansion – Op-ed

This week Governor Tony Evers will be briefed on the proposed Interstate 94 highway expansion project in Milwaukee. This project should not move forward – especially in a year with public health and economic crises, increased awareness of racial disparities, and Governor Evers’ task force on climate change. Additionally, the rationale behind the project is shaky at […]

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1000 Friends' Wisconsin Ideas Issue Paper

How Bad are our Local Roads in Wisconsin? A retrospective on “Fix-It-First”

How Bad are our Local Roads in Wisconsin? – A retrospective on “Fix-It-First” How bad are local roads in Wisconsin? In case you missed it, the New York Times recently described Trempealeau County roads looking like “losers in a barroom brawl. Thick, jagged cracks run down the asphalt like scars, interrupted at points by bruised […]

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How to deal with Electric Scooters in Your City

Mobility With an Open Mind August 13th, 2018: Cities across the US are suddenly having to deal with an influx of “new mobility” transportation modes they haven’t seen before—electric scooters, untethered shared bicycles, and continually evolving forms of ride-sharing. Here in Wisconsin, the City of Milwaukee has banned the electric scooter operator Bird from deploying […]

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Local Roads Conditions Viewer

Local Road Conditions – Interactive Map

Find the grade of the local roads in the assembly district you live in. Tell your local legislator that we need to repair and maintain our local roads first, instead of expanding freeways on borrowed money. Click on your legislator’s picture to go to their website, where you will find ways to contact them.

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