Urbanists and environmentalists hope to see development in place of I-794.

7 reasons why removing I-794 would be a boon for downtown Milwaukee

-By Taylor Korslin,  a Milwaukee architect and volunteer with Rethink 794, a group advocating for the removal of the elevated highway. Posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ​It’s time to think boldly about what Milwaukee should look like decades to come. The removal of 794 will be a resounding success for downtown.  Here are 7 reasons […]

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Removal option 2 - WisDOT

What should be done with 794?

-Dan Shafer, from the Milwaukee Record Carl Glasemeyer, 1000 Friends Transportation Policy Analyst is quoted in the article: “We support the removal of 794,” said Carl Glasemeyer, transportation policy analyst at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, who specifically identified “Concept #2” among WisDOT’s publicly presented options as the one the group favors. “(We support this option) […]

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Connecting Milwaukee Downtown Plan 2040

City of Milwaukee endorses Rethink 794

This week, the City of Milwaukee released their draft long-range downtown plan. Included in their proposed recommendations was removing I-794 and replacing it with new private developments, surface level streets and public spaces. The draft downtown plan will make the city a significant ally in the growing push to remove I-794. Additionally, according to the […]

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Big Ideas for Downtown Milwaukee

Positive News for Rethink 794

This week has been a newsworthy week for our Rethink 794 Campaign! Not only was the campaign covered in the Congress for New Urbanism’s (CNU) newly released “Freeways without Futures” report, but the plan also made it into the City of Milwaukee’s Downtown Plan draft recommendations. CNU’s biannual report highlights the top ten highways that local […]

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794 in Fast Company

Rethink 794 is going national

Rethink 794 is going national after the campaign had the distinct honor of being featured in Fast Company this past week. With public meetings expected to start in the coming months, 1000 Friends is doing it’s best to keep the noise up about the highway-to-boulevard project that is its leading. The article “There’s not a neighborhood […]

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