Graphic for Transit Equity Day event 2022. Shows outlines of people using various forms of transit with a subtitle "Getting Transit On Track for Our Future."

Transit Equity Day

For the past few years, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin has helped organize and participated in Transit Equity Day, an event that celebrates Rosa Parks’ act of resistance and the right for all to high-quality, accessible public transportation. Held annually on her birthday, February 4th, Transit Equity Day is a nationwide event that calls for elected […]

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I94 Webinar

Webinar: Taking a Closer Look at How Hwy. I-94’s Expansion Will Impact Milwaukee

On March 4th, 1000 Friends joined a WISPIRG webinar taking a closer look at how highway I-94’s expansion will impact Milwaukee. In conjunction with coalition partners, the webinar explored the social, environmental, and fiscal consequences of the expansion project and discussed a potential transit solution that improves safety and operation on I-94 without expansion. Watch […]

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I-94 Expansion. Rendering from WisDOT.

We Oppose I-94 Expansion – Op-ed

This week Governor Tony Evers will be briefed on the proposed Interstate 94 highway expansion project in Milwaukee. This project should not move forward – especially in a year with public health and economic crises, increased awareness of racial disparities, and Governor Evers’ task force on climate change. Additionally, the rationale behind the project is shaky at […]

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